Christmas Chia Pudding
Coffee & Chocolate Smoothie
Breakfast & Snack Inspiration
Apple & Gingerbread Oatmeal
Hazelnut Chocolate Smoothie
Raspberry Smoothie Bowl
Matcha & Moringa Smoothie Bowl
Crunchy Buckwheat Granola
Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie Bowl
Gluten Free Fruit & Nut Bread (+ Simple Avocado Spread with Thyme)
Spirulina & Blueberry Smoothie Bowl
Strawberry Bowl
Raw Granola
Green Juice
Ginger Cinnamon Green Smoothie
Matcha, Fig and Vanilla Oatmeal
Açaí Bowl
Raw Apple Sauce
Super Shot
Chocolate & Banana Granola
Crunchy Buckwheat
Red Super Juice
Pink Smoothie Bowl
Green Liquorice Smoothie
Tropical Green Smoothie Bowl
Chocolate Granola
Nettle Granola
Baked Oatmeal

The Best Tomato Pasta Sauce
Sweet Potato Pasta Sauce
Olive & Chickpea Salad Topping
Creamy Green Soup
Chili with Cacao
Quick Chickpea & Banana Curry
Cabbage Curry
Autumn Beluga Lentil Stew
Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus
Simple Lentil Veggie Soup
Lemon, Thyme & Corn Veggie Burgers with Tahini Sauce
Lentil Stew with Broccoli, Peas and Tahini
Tamari Sautéed Red Cabbage
Vegetable Noodles with a Dill Dressing
Creamy Pasta Sauce
Green Potato Salad and Peach Salsa
Lentil Stuffed Peppers
Veggie Noodle Curry Soup
Super Immunity Soup
Sweet Peanut Butter Stew
Peanut Butter Noodle Bowl for One
Warm Salad with a Creamy Blueberry Dressing
Raw Pesto Pasta
Veggie Rice Paper Rolls
Chickpea & Vegetable Curry

Sweets & Treats
Chocolate, Hazelnut & Banana Oatmeal Cookies
Oat Bliss Balls: Two Simple Recipes
Chocolate, Caramel & Peanut Butter Squares
Spiced Chocolate Energy Balls
Chocolate Chickpea Spread
Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie Bowl 
Simple Coconut Date Balls
Raw Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate & Coconut Fudge
Gingerbread Cookies
Chocolate Squares
Chocolate Ice Pops
Chocolate Easter Eggs
Chocolate Cookie Dough Banana Ice Cream
Chocolate Energy Balls
Chocolate Hearts with a Liquorice Filling
Avocado Chocolate Mousse
Blueberry Pudding
Chocolate Chia Pudding
Chocolate Fudge
Chia Jam

Snacks, Sides & Drinks
Creamy Vanilla Walnut Mylk
Spring Juices
Spiced Hemp Mylk
Matcha Latte with Vanilla, Maca & Lacuma
Homemade Kombucha
Ginger & Turmeric Health Shot
Spiced Turmeric Tea
Cashew Coffee Creamer
Avocado & Chickpea Mash
Green Sandwich Spread Flavoured with Thyme
Kale Chips with Almond Crunch
Avocado Chickpea Spread
Tamari Roasted Almonds

Green Beauty
Spirulina & Green Clay Face Mask
Body Butter
Relax Bath
Coffee Body Scrub

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