About Me

I'm Louisa, a registered dietitian a.k.a nutrition nerd. I'm also a soon-to-be Kundalini Yoga teacher. I live in a small town in Sweden with the love of my life and our roommate. I love good food, and I'm totally convinced that a healthy diet neither has to be boring nor complicated.

My recipes are based upon vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, pulses and whole grains, but I also think that life is far too short to eat meals that you don't entirely enjoy. I started this blog to share my kitchen adventures and nutrition advice, but also to share some other tips for a green and healthy lifestyle.

My Favourite...

Food: Medjool dates. Or dark chocolate. Or watermelon. Can't choose!
Drink: Tea. I'm known among colleagues and friends to always have a cup of tea in hand.
Spice: Cinnamon.
Meal: Breakfast and snack time.
Dessert: Fruit and dark chocolate.
Form of exercise: Yoga and forest walks.
Pastime: Reading.
Animal: Dog person all the way!

My Diet

I follow a plant-based/vegan diet which means that I exclude all animal products like meat, fish, chicken, dairy and eggs. Disease prevention, along with decreased environmental impact and animal suffering, are only some of the benefits of switching to a plant-based diet. Not to mention how good it feels to give your body lots and lots of nutrients! I want to erase the idea that vegans or vegetarians only eat lettuce and raw carrots (even though I happen to love munching on carrot sticks!) and show how incredibly delicious, easy and satisfying it is to thrive on plants.

To me this diet doesn't feel like a sacrifice at all, quite the opposite really. I feel that my diet is anything but limited! There are so many colourful fruits and veggies to try. And there are so many different nuts, seeds, whole grains and pulses to experiment with. I never focus on those things I don't eat, but rather on all the amazing plant foods I do include in my diet.

I first became vegetarian several years ago for ethical reasons. But as I learned more about a plant-based diet I discovered something else too, namely all the health benefits! A whole foods plant-based diet can not only prevent some of our most common diseases, but also reverse them. As I learned more about this, along with the horrible conditions in the meat, dairy and egg industries, I gradually began phasing out the dairy and eggs and switch to a completely plant-based diet.

This journey has improved my life in so many ways. My health started to improve. I discovered a love for nutrition and cooking. I grew mentally and spiritually. I discovered yoga.

All this led me to the decision that I wanted to work in the nutrition field, and so I studied to become a dietitian. I've been a registered dietitian for a few years now but I'm constantly trying to learn more about nutrition and health. On my blog I hope to inspire you to discover the incredible world of delicious plant-based foods.

Welcome to my kitchen!



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