Friday, 7 July 2017

Little Garden Tour

Hello friends!

Life has been a bit rough lately as I fell quite ill in Finland and then ended up in the hospital when I came home. It was probably my chronic illness flaring up (more on that another day) which gave me unbearable pain and nausea and made it almost impossible to eat and drink. I'm so much better now though which I'm so grateful for! I'm still pretty weak and very very underweight (yes, that can happen to dietitians too!) but I'm back to work and some gentle exercise.

As I'm on a boring diet without roughage right now and still don't have much of an appetite I have no new recipes to share. Instead I thought it would be fun to share a few glimpses from our little garden.

I'm a total beginner when it comes to gardening, and to be honest my partner does most of it (thanks love!). But still there's something so very satisfying and exciting about growing your own veggies, berries, herbs and flowers. Is there really anything better than walking around barefoot, snacking on some berries straight from the bush whilst picking veggies and herbs for dinner?

Have a lovely weekend!

That evening light!

We'll have so many raspberries at the end of the summer!

 Potatoes! This variety is Amandine. We've tried a few and they were seriously the best potatoes I've ever tried. I love them best freshly boiled with lots of dill, herbal salt and lemon.

 Beetroot. I really hope that the slugs let these be as I love beetroot so much. My favourite is to roast them in the oven with a little oil, herbal salt and herbs like rosemary or thyme.

We have a few strawberry plants and are planning on getting some more for next year. So far we've had exactly two ripe berries :)

 So. Much. Kale. It grows like crazy. Love it!

Gooseberries. These aren't ripe yet but we'll get lots and lots of them.

Tomatoes in the greenhouse.

 Jalapeños. Super spicy!

 Purple basil (so delicious and beautiful!) and cucamelon.

 More cucamelon with quite a long way to go still. I've never tried them but they are supposed to look like tiny watermelons and taste of cucumber and lime. Exciting!


  1. hoppas du mår bättre snart, var rädd om dig! Maria

    1. Tusen tack!! Det är redan mycket bättre och aptiten har kommit tillbaka, yay! Kram