Saturday, 25 March 2017

Spring Juices


Such happy colours!

Spring is slowly coming to Sweden and we've had some glorious sunny days. Last weekend I dusted off my juicer and made these juices on Sunday morning. The sun was shining into the kitchen as I juiced my carrots, apples, citrus and veggies and all the colours and sunshine made my whole world feel spring-like, happy and full of possibilities.

In the pictures are a carrot ginger juice (recipe below), a green veggie juice (recipe below), orange juice and in the tiny bottle is a ginger lemon "shot". Simply juice a large piece of fresh ginger and one lemon. This can be taken as a shot in small doses (be warned though, it's super intense!) or add a small amount into a cup of warm water for a nice and warming drink.

The carrot ginger juice also has limes and apples in it, and it's so sweet, spicy and fresh. The green veggie juice is a bit more "hardcore" as it's very heavy on the veggies. It's still very fresh though, as it includes lemon, lime and apples. It's also super hydrating and perfect for when the weather gets warmer.

Today I have absolutely no plans at all and it feels awesome! I will probably spend my day reading, drinking copious amounts of tea, doing yoga and cooking. Hopefully it will also involve soaking up some sun. Calm rest days are so important sometimes :)

Happy weekend!

Carrot Ginger Juice

8 carrots
2 limes, peel removed
2 small apples
Fresh ginger, to taste (I like a large piece)

Run through your juicer. Enjoy!

Green Veggie Juice

1 cucumber
1 fennel bulb
3 stalks of celery
2 big kale leaves
3-4 green apples
1 lemon, peel removed
1 lime, peel removed
Fresh ginger, to taste (I like a large piece)

Run through your juicer. Enjoy!

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