Friday, 11 December 2015

Winter Favourites

It feels a bit weird that we are in the middle of December since the weather here in Sweden is anything but winter-like. It's warm (well, by our standards) and the ground is completely bare. More like October than December.

Anyway, today I wanted to share some of my favourite products which make this season a little bit more bright and cheerful. Happy weekend!

Winter Favourites

  • Moonsun Organic of Sweden Cleansing Oil. I love love love this! It's mild yet deep cleansing and smells great. When I was younger I always used to wash my very acne-prone face with conventional oil-free foaming cleansers, but since switching to cleansing my face with organic oils my skin is so much better. Those oil-free acne cleansers dries out our skins, which will make the skin produce even more oil, leading to more breakouts. Oils are so much more balancing.
  • Pukka Organic Rosewater. I use this to spray my face after cleansing or for some refreshment in the middle of the day. It smells so lovely of roses and is very calming for the skin.
  • Hurraw! Balms. My lips get extremely dry in the winter so I need effective lip balms. My favourites are these Hurraw! balms which are vegan, organic and raw. So far I've tried Chocolate, Cinnamon and Black Cherry and they are all awesome.
  • Make-up from Idun Minerals. Another Swedish beauty brand I love. I have the mineral powder foundation, concealer, lipsticks, lip gloss, eye shadow... They work great on my skin and the packaging is so pretty (pictured above is an eye shadow palette).
  • Mandarin & Ginger Chocolate from Seed and Bean. Lovely organic and hand-made dark chocolate.
  • Love tea from Pukka. The best evening tea ever with chamomile, rose and lavender. Calming and delicious with a splash of oat milk.
  • Christmas tea from Yogi Tea. Like Christmas in a cup. Heavenly!
  • Lime & Ginger Green Tea from Clipper. I really love green teas. Lately I've had some problems with nausea, and the ginger in this tea seems to help a bit. I like to make a big pot and enjoy three cups in a row :)

Which products do you love this winter? Please share!


  1. Dr Bronner's Lavendel Coconut hand & bodylotion!

    1. Yes!! Love the combination of lavender and coconut!