Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Super Shot

During this time of year it seems like everyone gets ill. It's either a cold, the flu or maybe a stomach bug. I therefore try to replenish my body with highly nutritious foods to strengthen my immune system as much as possible.

Turmeric is extremely rich in antioxidants and is said to be very anti-inflammatory in the body. Ginger may also have an anti-inflammatory effect in the body and it can also be soothing for an upset stomach. Lemon is, as most people know, rich in vitamin C which is important for immune function. This little "juice shot" is made on these three foods. Keep in mind that this shot is extremely strong. I usually love everything with a spicy taste, but I can still only manage about 1/3 sip at a time. Therefore, I like to make a kind of tea from it instead. Add a small amount of the shot to a cup of warm water, add a splash of plant milk and sweetener of choice and stir. It is amazingly warming when you're cold, and it also feels soothing on a sore throat.

Super Shot

2 large pieces of fresh ginger root
2 small pieces of fresh turmeric root
1 lemon

Juice! Remember that turmeric unfortunately discolour everything it comes in contact with (ie your juicer and fingers).

Super Shot Tea

2-3 tsp Super Shot
1 cup warm water
Splash of plant milk
Small amount of coconut syrup, maple syrup, honey or other sweetener

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