Saturday, 19 September 2015

Red Super Juice

I recently bought a juicer, and have so much fun in the kitchen experimenting with different flavours and colours. This is my favourite juice so far. I love using beets as they give the juice a fantastic red colour. 

The taste of this juice is both sweet, salty, fresh, spicy and earthy, all at the same time, thanks to the earthy beets, sweet carrots and apples, salty celery, refreshing orange and cucumber and spicy ginger. If I have some vegetable scraps in the fridge I put them into the juicer too. Broccoli stems, kale, zucchini, cabbage, fennel ... everything goes. Lemon and lime are also very delicious to put in the juice. 

There are two main categories of juicers. A centrifugal juice extractor is cheapest and easiest to use. A cold-pressed juicer retains more nutrients in the juice and extract more juice from each fruit/vegetable. It is, however, considerably more expensive and more difficult to clean. 

But what about the fibres? 
Yes, the juicer  removes the super healthy fibres in the fruit and vegetables. If you have trouble getting enough fibre (which unfortunately applies to most people!), it is best to eat fruit/vegetables whole or in smoothies. Since I eat a healthy vegan diet I get lots of fibre in all of my meals, and therefore I don't worry about the fibres I miss out on when juicing. 

But doesn't juice affect blood sugar too much? 
Maybe. Juice raises blood sugar quickly since the fibres are removed which means that the carbohydrates are absorbed quickly. If you have blood sugar problems, insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes, I would not recommend drinking juice too regularly. It can also be good to base the juice more on vegetables and a smaller amount of fruit, and instead eat the fruit whole.

Red Super Juice

1 big bottle, about 4 glasses

1 cucumber
2-3 celery stalks

2-3 beets
4 carrots
2 green apples
1 orange
Piece of ginger root

Juice! Follow the instructions of your juicer about which peels need to be removed.

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  1. Also.... to reap the benefits of juicing you need to drink your juice, right after you juice it. health drinks